Introducing special guest Onno van Swigchem

Our next upcoming concert, on May 19, is a new adventure for DOC: we’re going to work together with two instrumentalists! One of them is saxophone player and composer Onno van Swigchem.

Onno works in several groups and with artist in other disciplines such as dance and video. As a workshop leader and trainer he’s constantly seeking out the thrill of collaboration and interaction. “Part of the magic of music is that you immediately hear what is happening. That’s stimulating and motivating; it gives energy and arouses creativity.”

This is going to be a great meeting on May 19. Get your tickets here!

Onno in action:

Tetzepi with Louis Sclavis, in VPRO’s tv program ‘Vrije Geluiden’

De Bende van 3, aka the gang of Three.

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