Dutch Dreams: Blue Planet!

DOC Project is proud to be a part of Dutch Dreams! An all-star group with singers from Rotterdam Impro Voices, MAZE Voices and Vocal Leadership students, formed to perform ‘Blue Planet‘ at the 2022 edition of the IFNL festival.

This unique, one-time concert that blends composition with improvisation, will take place on Saturday May 7, 2022, at 20.00 in Nijmegen. Tickets for the concert cost €35. The concert is also included with festival passes, which also gives you access to great workshops during the day – so why not make it a full day or weekend of impro singing goodness!

From far away, Earth looks blue – the result of the combination of all the colors of our planet. 

Now imagine, from far away, what would the combination of all of the earth’s musical elements sound like? 

That’s the BLUE PLANET experience: a blend of musical vocabularies from around the world.

The music is composed and directed by Roger Treece and supported by Merel Martens (Vopa). They will lead a select group of singers and several guests of IFNL, chosen especially for this concert, and will perform the music in a way that it’s never been sung before, giving us all a unique little moment in space and time.

Come and experience our Blue Planet.

Roger Treece
Roger Treece, director of ‘Blue Planet’

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