TIN’s a crowd!

We’re so excited at DOC to be part of the 2016 The Improv Nights (TIN) festival in Düsseldorf, Germany! Barbara Beckmann has put a wondeful program together. On Friday november 4, the festival opens with a concert with Symprovoice, Suzanne Mateysen, ADD ONE and Dad’s Phonkey. After a relaxing Saturday morning Frühstück (can you smell the Kaffee?), there’s a workshop with Peder Karlsson and […]

Welcome Deirdre & Mathieu!

Changes at DOC! First of all, a warm welcome for our latest, Deirdre! And we’re equally happy to welcome back Mathieu, who was wit DOC in the beginning and rejoined us. And we’ve got a good thing going here: in the new line-up we were awarded the audience prize at festival DBGA. Next stop: TIN festival in Düsseldorf! Meanwhile, we’ve also had to say goodbye to Margriet and […]

Thanks DBGA!

Thank you so much, dear visitors of festival Den Bosch Goes A Cappella, for voting us the audience prize! We’re super happy to have won this Bossche Bol!!! What a great way to wrap up this fantastic day with. A special thank you to the organisation and all the volunteers, and congratulations to Ratatouille en Twelve!!! ?❤️ Next stop: TIN festival in Düsseldorf!   Couldn’t make […]