Dutch Organic Choir is looking for new members! 🙂

We are a fun loving ambitious group of 12 singers. Dutch Organic Choir was founded by Merel Martens and Peder Karlsson (ex-Real Group) in september 2014. We make eclectic acapella music, with rotating leadership. We sing only original compositions and improvised songs. For more about the DOC concept, the way we work and the ideas of Peder and Merel, see The Organic Choir Conecpt.

During our concerts we let our audience participate to immerse them in the full organic musical experience.

—> We are open to invite up to 5 new members – auditions on 1 + 8 october


We are looking for:

Fearless improvisers/harmonisers (m/f) in any voice type, who don’t mind to step up and lead (in the broadest sense: not only musically during rehearsals or songs, but also organisation / production wise)

Basses… to give our group some grounded ooompf!

Because of the composition of the group we especially invite male singers to audition.


  • Musicality and mindset are more important than experience.
  • DOC rehearses weekly on Thursday evenings in Utrecht.
  • Auditions will be be held on Thursdays, 19:45 – 22:15 in Utrecht.
To sign up use this form: Sign up for audition.
For more info, email us at or see us on facebook:

Please help us spread the word: link to this page, post the flyer on social media – or be really cool old school and print it out and hang it on a notice board near you!

DOC auditions flyer 2015 - no date, brief

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