TIN festival 2016, Düsseldorf, Germany

We’re so excited at DOC to be part of the 2016 The Improv Nights (TIN) festival in Düsseldorf, Germany! Barbara Beckmann has put a wondeful program together.

On Friday november 4, the festival opens with a concert with SymprovoiceSuzanne MateysenADD ONE and Dad’s Phonkey.

After a relaxing Saturday morning Frühstück (can you smell the Kaffee?), there’s a workshop with Peder Karlsson and Dutch Organic Choir in the afternoon (1430-1700). The participants will then also be a part of the big saturday concert, with Dutch Organic Choir and Stimmorchester Hannover. Still can’t get enough? On Sunday, Peder will give a full day workshop, presenting his new book “THE REAL CHOIR”. Awesome!

After a relaxing Saturday morning, there’s a workshop with Peder Karlsson (www.therealgroupacademy.se) and DOC in the afternoon 1430-1700, of which the participants will also be a part of the big saturday concert, together with DOC and Stimmorchester Hannover. And on Sunday, Peder will give another workshop, where he will also present his new book “THE REAL CHOIR”.

Full program and tickets via the festial website: www.duesseldorfer-impro-voices.de

This is going to be a fantastic weekend, and we hope you’re all going to join us! Whether it’s at one of the concert evenings, at one of the workshops… or just treat yourself to the full monty and come for the whole weekend! The fabulous musical city of Düsseldorf is just a train ride away, after all!

The Impro Nights

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