A unique double bill concert

Vocal Fission & a unique Double Bill, what a match! Thursday 24th of September Suzanne Mateysen’s Meemaakmuziek together with the Dutch Organic Choir. MEEMAAKMUZIEK: armed with just a loopstation, her voice and a collection of poetry, instant composer Suzanne Mateysen creates an unforgettable evening in which the audience plays a vital role in creating the music. www.suzannemateysen.nl DUTCH ORGANIC CHOIR: Europes first ‘organic’ choir sings eclectic […]

Upcoming gigs

Want to see DOC in action? Mark these dates in your calendar. June 25 Amsterdam september 25 October 8 Amsterdam October 23 Düsseldorf These concerts are not fully confirmed yet, we’ll announce them once we know. Of course, we hope these will happen, and that we’ll see you there! (update: yes, these all are/have been on, and more. See the events page […]


Dutch Organic Choir is looking for new members! 🙂 We are a fun loving ambitious group of 12 singers. Dutch Organic Choir was founded by Merel Martens and Peder Karlsson (ex-Real Group) in september 2014. We make eclectic acapella music, with rotating leadership. We sing only original compositions and improvised songs. For more about the DOC concept, the […]