Introducing special guest Marko Bonarius

Our next upcoming concert, on May 19, is a new adventure for DOC: we’re going to work together with two instrumentalists! One of those is bass player Marko Bonarius.

Marko plays in a wide range of musical styles. Classical, Fado, Sicilian children’s lullabies and Swedish electropop, he’s right at home. And, he adds, “in improvisation I can use elements from this whole palette, and from all the sounds a standing bass can produce.” Sounds promising! And then he’s also a gifted vocalist. This is going to be a great meeting ib May 19. Get your tickets here!

Check Marko in action:

<span style=”font-size: 14px;”>with Sicilian singer Laura Campisi</span>

with piano en drums, from the CD ‘improvised music for imaginary films’

with spoken word/poet/singer Lennie St. Luce

…and something completely different.


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