Back to our roots

DOC originally started as a project in 2014. The project was so inspiring that we naturally continued the process as a group, coming together on a weekly basis. Now, our own ambitions and wonderful but time-consuming projects have prompted us to decide to go back to our roots. DOC will become a project-based group once more. This will give us space and open up new possibilities.

For our dear friends and audience, it won’t make that much difference. You can book us for concerts, collaborations and workshops! We’ll still be giving concerts with our unique mix of compositions and improvisations, and we’ll keep offering our DOC workshops on improvising and vocal leadership skills..

Our first project is actually already in the pipeline. There’s a new Dutch festival for improvised vocal music coming this october, where we’ve been invited to give a concert and workshop. We might even have a very special guest… we’ll keep you posted!

But first, we’re going to celebrate three fabulous years with two concerts in February: the 17th in Nijmegen, and the 24th in Düsseldorf.  We hope to see you there!

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