A brand new DOC

Our fantastic time at the Aarhus Vocal Festival in June was the icing on the cake of the first three years of Dutch Organic Choir. Brimming over with inspiration, we returned home – and for some singers, it turned out to be the time to say goodbye to DOC and pursue other things. Dear Suzanne, Deirdre, Petra, Mariëlle and Christel: thank you for everything, all the best, and surely we’ll see each other again some time!

Now it’s also time to proudly present the new DOC. It feels like a new beginning, we’d even call it DOC 2.0 if that wouldn’t sound so dated. We’ve had quite a number of auditions, which were fun and inspirational and filled with music, and we have found two great new singers. Welcome, Vera and Hanneke!

We’re hard at work on new music. New compositions, and new ways to be in the moment and improvise. We’ve had a great working weekend on the beautiful island of Texel, where we also had our first concert with the new DOC. Two more concerts are coming in February 2018: in Arnhem, and at the TIN festival for improvised music in Düsseldorf.

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